Tuscany Photo Workshop – 17-23 October 2021

I left the Dolomites the day earlier with autumn that still needed to arrive and I surprisingly arrived in Tuscany with the autumn colors in full swing (almost)! To be fair, the best time to get the autumn foliage around here is late October but also early November, that’s when the golden colors are at its best.
Anyway, this year has been particularly kind with us, as in these dates we got some fantastic foliage colors across the vineyards and the woods.
Weather-wise we got a wonderful sea of clouds on our last morning and an explosive couple of sunsets during the trip; generally this season is perfect to shot the sea of clouds “hugging” the hills every morning, but that was the result of a season where we missed rains a lot.
Anyway, as you can see from the pictures down here (all taken during the workshop), we can’t surely complain!

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