Turquoise lakes, endless forests and incredible rugged peaks: in a few words, these are the Dolomites. If you wish to visit (and shoot) one of the most incredible mountain ranges in the world – you are on the right page!


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hello everyone! it's leo of tpt!

About me

I’m Leonardo Papèra, the CEO of Tuscany Photography Tours and a full-time professional landscape photographer.

What I aim to do every time I am on the field is to exploit the knowledge I learnt along the years, together with the conditions that Mother Nature will grace me in order to convey emotions, narrate a story and achieve a fascinating, natural visual result in all of my pictures. I spend most of my time leading workshops here in Italy as well as many other European countries; in particular, I keep returning to shoot the Arctic regions, as those are the ones I absolutely love the most.

During the years I won various prizes in several international contests, such as the Montphoto, the XVII Memorial Maria Luisa, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year, the Global Arctic Award and the list goes on; my images have been published on magazines all over the world such as the National Geographic Traveler, Digital Camera Magazine and Digital SLR Photography.

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