Dolomites Photo Workshop – 27 October – 2 November 2021

Initially, I thought that visiting the Dolomites at this time of the year, across October and November, would have been definitely late for the autumn foliage and clients would only manage to capture the tail of the season; oh boy, I was so wrong!
Due to the weirdly good weather we got during the whole season and the weirdly late foliage, clients got the very peak of the golden colors, with fiery larches pretty much everywhere!
The Alpe di Siusi, which was next to green-ish last time I visited (on the tour from 10-16 October, basically 10 days before), now put her typical autumn coat on, with golden meadows and burning larches all over. It was a joy for the eyes to witness such beauty.
Oh and check out the apricot tree of the Funes Valley (the pictures with the small church in the distance and the peaks behind), which still had all the colored leaves on; this is an incredibly rare sight at the end of October, it generally lose its leaves around half October.
Weather wise we got a splendid sunset over the Tofane (the images with the roots in the foreground) and then pretty much good weather for the entire week; only one day of pouring rain. Oh, and let’s not forget the “gran finale”: the first snowfall of the year on our very last day at the Rolle Pass! It was just incredible to see the contrasts between the snow and the still colorful trees. One of the best mornings, if not the very best, of the entire season for me.
Overall a fantastic workshop, as clients got really lucky both with the weather and with the foliage conditions! Feel free to check the gallery below!

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