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In this section you will find all the possible infos you will need to carefully plan your next Italy photography trip!


Interested in knowing what we actually capture during our workshops? Here you go! We decided to release these “travel diaries”, where we talk a bit about the overall trip conditions and we show you a few images all taken during the workshop. We hope you will appreciate! We’ll do our best to update it any time we can (even if we are very slow at editing!).


Nothing comes close to some good old on-the-field practice, but we sat down and wrote a few guides to give you new ideas, new notions and to help you improve some of the notoriously trickiest photography techniques.
Photography Techniques

15 Tips for Monochrome Photography

Monochrome photography always had a major role in the photographic history; many people think it’s a trend typical of the last decades, but the truth is that it’s always been practiced since photography was born. I could easily name black and white photography as the monochrome photography “par excellence”, but even without considering black and white photographs think about the “sepia effect” or cyanotype photos: these are just two examples of monochrome photography techniques used since the early ages of photography.

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Every once in a while – Leo has a personal opinion and likes to write about it. That’s when these more “debatable” articles appear: these are not to be considered guides, these are just Leo’s take on some of today’s photography aspects.


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