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Interested in knowing what we actually capture during our workshops? Here you go! We decided to release these “travel diaries”, where we talk a bit about the overall trip conditions and we show you a few images all taken during the workshop. We hope you will appreciate! We’ll do our best to update it any time we can (even if we are very slow at editing!).


Nothing comes close to some good old on-the-field practice, but we sat down and wrote a few guides to give you new ideas, new notions and to help you improve some of the notoriously trickiest photography techniques.
Photography Techniques

A Comprehensive Guide to Focus Stacking

You’ve heard of it. You’ve made some researches about it. You felt overwhelmed by it. There are legends which narrate some people shiver just by hearing someone pronounce it. Yes, you probably know what I’m talking about: the (in)famous technique called “focus stacking”!

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Photography Techniques

11 Tips to Improve your Autumn Photos

Autumn is considered by many photographers the best season to go out and take pictures. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why: the “foliage” (term to express the beauty of the typical autumn palette) colors, the mild climate and the abundance of subjects makes autumn a valid contendant for the title of “Best Season of the Year”, if ever there was such a contest.

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Photography Techniques

An Extensive Guide to Seascape Photography

Seascapes are one of the most challenging types of landscapes that one can capture. Why? Because it’s easy to capture a good seascape, while it’s really, really hard to capture a great seascape.
I think I’m not the only one that when first started doing photography went right down at the sea many times to try some long exposures, capture some golden light and the (in)famous silk water effect. Right? Come on, unless you live quite far from the sea, you must have tried at least a couple of times.

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Photography Techniques

New vs. Secondhand Camera Equipment

One of the most common dilemmas in the photography world is whether you shouldn’t settle for compromises and buy your equipment as new or you should save some money and look for the same objects (or maybe the previous version of them) in the secondhand market. While the first option is the safer one (but also the more expensive), the latter is a bit more risky but at the same time it’s also more tempting.

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Photography Techniques

An Exhaustive Guide to Winter Photography

Sometimes it will be hard to resist. Sometimes you’ll ask yourself who made you do it, or why you are doing it. Sometimes you’ll think you’ll be freezing to death in that harsh, unwelcoming environment, which doesn’t matter if it’s 3 minutes from your home or 3 continents away.
You’ll think “that’s enough, I quit”. But then, as if by magic, you’ll find yourself again in that same cold environment. And again.

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Photography Techniques

White Balance in Photography

White balance is one of the most important yet less considered settings when it comes to producing compelling images. A slight change towards a warmer or a colder color temperature can make the difference between a dull image and an impressive one.
The main problem is that many photographers never put much effort into learning how to deal with the white balance and its settings, so when they find themselves with some weird colors in their images they don’t really know how to fix the problem, even if it’s much easier than everyone might think.

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Every once in a while – Leo has a personal opinion and likes to write about it. That’s when these more “debatable” articles appear: these are not to be considered guides, these are just Leo’s take on some of today’s photography aspects.


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