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Leonardo is a landscape photographer from Tuscany, Italy, and it’s been in the sector since almost a decade now.

He was born the 14/11/93, and since when he was really young he always tried to spend as much time as possible in nature. Growing older, with photography he found the perfect mean to transmit his passion for nature to others.

His style always revolved more around the on-the-field part than the post production side; he’s convinced that the bigger part of a photography creation is the study before and on-the-field, rather than outstanding post production skills.

What he aims to do every time he’s on the field is to exploit the knowledge he learnt along the years and the conditions that Mother Nature will grace him in order to convey emotions, narrate a story and achieve a fascinating, natural visual result in all his pictures.

He spend most of his time leading workshops in Italy as well as many other European countries; in particular, he keeps visiting and shooting the Arctic regions as those are the ones he loves the most.

He won prizes in many international nature photography contests such as Montphoto Awards, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year, the Memorial Maria Luisa and got published in magazines like National Geographic Traveler, Digital Camera Magazine and many others.

There are many photographers that got a great influence over Leonardo along the years, but probably Vincent Munier, Fortunato Gatto and Cristobal Serrano are the ones that really inspired him and led him through his photographic career.

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Whenever me, yours truly Leo, will have some spare time, I will make sure to update my travel diaries with some pictures taken during my workshops – so that you know exactly what to expect depending on the time of the year and the location you will choose!


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